About Us

We're a semi-automatic search engine for apps that uses collective intelligence to generate rankings. We can't tell you everything we do, but we can reveal some things.

How Do We Rank

Each app goes through several stages of vetting. To be rated, an app has to go through all the stages of verification.

The first stage is a check of 5 parameters: the app should be free, its score on Google Play should not be less than 4 stars, it should have at least 10 thousand installations, 1000 reviews, and the last update no later than 2 years ago. Additionally, we analyze the histogram of scores with the SVM algorithm.

Interesting fact: usually the first stage is not passed by 50% of apps.

In the second stage, we check user reviews. To understand how much users are happy with the app, we use Natural Language Processing (Thanks Spacy!). Working with reviews is a responsible and complex job that, in addition to determining their sentiment, requires checking a lot of other things. For obvious reasons, we can not reveal our entire algorithm.

Interesting fact: Our algorithm uses 72 if conditions.

In the third step, we look for mentions of the app on popular sites that write about smartphones and computers. For example, PCMag. If the app was in one of the reviews on that site - you will see its icon next to the app.

Flowx App and PCMAG Logo

Sometimes, for example, when an app is health-related, we look for mentions of the app on specialized websites. For example, when ranking Best Pedometer Apps for Android, we also looked for app mentions on VeryWellFit.com.

Pacer Pedometer and VeryWellfit Logo

Going to that app in the rankings, you can see which article had a mention and read more about it if you wish.

In the fourth step - the moderator checks the rating for errors. It is important for us to additionally make sure that all apps match to the selected topic. If no errors are found, the rating is published on the site.

We're not selling a spot on the leaderboard. We don't receive a commission for installing apps.