Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best apps for Instagram on Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 StoryLab - Story Maker StoryLab - Story Maker 4.8 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
2 Graphionica: ig story maker Graphionica: ig story maker 4.4 No Yes 10M+ installs
3 Highlight Cover Maker of Story Highlight Cover Maker of Story 4.3 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
Logo StoryLab - Story Maker

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

There are lots of beautiful stickers you can use, or you have a cut-out option to create your own. Compared to other apps with similar functioning, this has got to be the best, especially because you can make your own from scratch - something that somehow other apps are lacking. The app has easy-to-navigate features, plus its various templates are perfect for different vibes and aesthetics. Good editing app; you can design the pre-installed stickers and fonts with different colors, shades, and outlines. This one is very complete, and it has a very wide range of options, filters, edit features, etc. There are various templates which you can use so that you can easily just make your stories.

Logo Graphionica: ig story maker

No Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

All of the stickers are beautiful and you can edit them; it looks aesthetic somehow. Filters and colors, changing backgrounds - they're all just so awesome! No bugs, and it has cute and good stickers.

Logo Highlight Cover Maker of Story

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The watercolour and the marble background give you the feeling of being a pro artist, while the beautiful wreaths and handmade icons represent human creativity. Easy to use and helpful in highlighting Instagram stories, it would be perfect if it could unlock more stickers for users. Although many advanced options are available for purchasing, if the goal is to create neat and simple highlight covers, the app provides basic templates which will suffice for many Instagram users. Either way, if you have Instagram or not, you can collect backgrounds and personalize text designs. The templates are really helpful and kind of navigate you through seeing all the different options.