Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best apps to listen music without WiFi

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 Music Player & MP3 Player Music Player & MP3 Player 4.8 Yes Yes 100M+ installs
2 TREBEL: Music, MP3 & Podcasts TREBEL: Music, MP3 & Podcasts 4.8 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
3 Audiomack: Music Downloader Audiomack: Music Downloader 4.8 Yes Yes 50M+ installs
4 Free Music - music & songs,mp3 Free Music - music & songs,mp3 4.6 Yes No 1M+ installs
5 MP3 Downloader, YouTube Player MP3 Downloader, YouTube Player 4.5 Yes Yes 100M+ installs
6 Music Player, Cloud MP3 player Music Player, Cloud MP3 player 4.4 No Yes 100K+ installs
7 eSound: MP3 Music Player eSound: MP3 Music Player 4.2 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
Logo Music Player & MP3 Player

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 100M+ installs

There's only, like, one or two ads when you use it, and you can listen to your music online; it's free, and there's unlimited skips and go-backs. The player also shows up on your lock screen, so you can view the picture and also navigate, you know, like switch songs, pause, all that. As for artists, having multiple artists on a track should sort into both artists, not make a whole 'other category. Best music player, needs to add more features, like editing songs and even separating elements like drums, instrumentals, and vocals, etc. This app has had very few ads, and searching any songs, genres, and musicians has been a success, from oldies to the most current. This player will handle the rest; no need to click, drag, or transfer anything; it automatically adds to its music library.

Logo TREBEL: Music, MP3 & Podcasts

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

There aren't ads after every song, like YouTube Music, and you can still listen to your music while on another tab or while your phone is off. Get the app, have a small amount of patience for your downloads, then you're all set for impressing folks in many ways. Skip and pause controls from the drop-down screen thing, shuffle option, can go back, skip, and loop songs.

Logo Audiomack: Music Downloader

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 50M+ installs

These days, you can hardly find an app that lets you listen to music offline and create your own playlists. One can find all music genres here and a feed which keeps you in the loop of all the latest hits. Whether the spelling of the searched is correct or not, let the app give some related searches.

Logo Free Music - music & songs,mp3

Contains Ads No purchases 1M+ installs

The ads don't interrupt the music and only appear when you open the app or switch playlists, and sometimes not even then. You can lock your screen, and it still plays and requires no internet. Great free music downloader, best in the biz! You can use it to download, listen, and watch videos. Find songs on just a few words, find sound effects from descriptions, and be backed by YouTube so you have access to a selection of videos for each song. You can also put your own artwork for playlists.

Logo MP3 Downloader, YouTube Player

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 100M+ installs

And you can find your favorite music from small creators on there, because it's YouTube-powered. Also, just being able to change the pitch to see if the key is right for the singer is also huge. Also, you can import YouTube playlists, as well as make new ones on the app, which is wonderful too. I downloaded this app last night and it's awesome - one of the best music apps! Aside from listening to music, people can also watch videos, which is very special. Some apps allow that, and it's a great way of creating and expanding awareness.

Logo Music Player, Cloud MP3 player

No Ads In-app Purchases 100K+ installs

You can collect metadata including covers and build your library in a clean, simple, and well-thought-out interface. You can play music from Android and iOS devices from a centralized music library on the cloud, like OneDrive. It would be really good if it had a screen that automatically rotates, as it must be viewed in portrait. One of the best music-playing apps that let you import music from your Google Drive. Transparent and fast access to your music in the cloud, seamless playback without pauses and pops. Better sound quality than the alternative, streaming seems accurate to the original file.

Logo eSound: MP3 Music Player

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The one thing that this app should include is a gapless option, whereas, like Spotify, it would allow another song to play without the unnecessary gap. You can download music without paying, which probably is the best feature that Spotify doesn't compete. You can listen offline for free, and you can also pick songs from YouTube. And the function where you tap and hold the song; it shows all stuff like adding the song to the player queue; it appears mixed with the music name.