Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best ebook reader apps for Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 ReadEra – book reader pdf epub ReadEra – book reader pdf epub 4.8 No No 10M+ installs
2 hoopla Digital hoopla Digital 4.7 No No 1M+ installs
3 eReader Prestigio: Book Reader eReader Prestigio: Book Reader 4.5 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
Logo ReadEra – book reader pdf epub

No Ads No purchases 10M+ installs

The free version is more than sufficient, with bookmarks, various text settings, libraries, the ability to organize novels by various categories, and so on. Easy to use, it provides a comfortable reading interface on your mobile with lots of options for contrast, letter size, font, and more. You have control over font type and size, you can change the color theme of the page as well, and the text works in both portrait and landscape mode. You don't see any major lag in the app even if you are reading multiple books at a time, even on a phone with a low amount of RAM. I would also prefer it if the app didn't clutter the home directory with its folders, and instead stored its data in the Android directory.

Logo hoopla Digital

No Ads No purchases 1M+ installs

Really great quality, easy to navigate, pleasantly satisfying audiobook readers, endless selection, gives great suggestions, has useful tools like leaving helpful bookmarks, and allows the ability to adjust text size and appearance. Robust title and keyword search engines allow tagging and saving selected favorites for later viewing. Very good selection of books, films, and music not available on other apps. All it takes is getting a free library card from the local library. All you need is a library card and you get access to a ton. Hoopla is very easy to customize for each user's personal preferences.

Logo eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The app never gets in the way, yet it has plenty of little tricks to let you know your progress and to set bookmarks. The most important part is its visual library, which helps you to remember all the books you have read. The function to search and add books based on a variety of document file extensions is perfect. It has dark mode, font controls, and all the features are highly customizable to suit your needs.