Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best gallery lock apps for Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 Calculator - photo vault Calculator - photo vault 4.9 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
2 Gallery - Photo Gallery App Gallery - Photo Gallery App 4.8 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
3 Gallery Lock 2023:Video Locker Gallery Lock 2023:Video Locker 4.4 Yes Yes 1M+ installs
4 Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures 4.2 Yes Yes 50M+ installs
Logo Calculator - photo vault

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

And there is no icon that lets others even know that you have a vault installed on your phone. One more thing is that you can change the color of the calculation area's text, etc. Pretty cool way to hide private stuff in plain sight, with a functioning calculator to boot! Other features include password, hidden from multitask bars, and the fact it is just a calculator. Lots of different options are available for saving videos, images, recordings, and files. Who knew that it could hide photos and calculate at the same time?.

Logo Gallery - Photo Gallery App

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The app is better because you can view all files separately, e.g., camera, screenshot, WhatsApp, etc. You can see the capacity of videos and photos categories from downloads, and you may add private photos with a password. App is easy to use, and all pictures have a clear and sharp view. The best thing is, you can set your wallpaper from the app.

Logo Gallery Lock 2023:Video Locker

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 1M+ installs

You can import the original photos in the album, or take new photos in the app. You can access your private account by entering your password in the field. It is very secure and important for everyone. This is really an interesting application; you can lock your everything, like your pictures, videos, and data. Through this application, you can easily hide your secret and personal photos and videos. This is the best app for hiding your personal photos and videos.

Logo Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 50M+ installs

The most important thing is that it captures the picture of a person who enters the wrong password three times. The disguise feature is another wonderful part of it; an intruder won't recognize the app. Safe folders and features you want, so it's not easy for others to see and have interest in opening it; and for the folders, have different passwords and you can see who is trying to open your files. Can hide and lock the documents, videos, and photos in different folders for protection from theft and to maintain the owner's privacy. Download pixel to a degree you can get from Narnia to the fact that you walk to the wall. You can also change the appearance of the icon for the app and its name.