Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best phone usage tracker apps for Android

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# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 StayFree - Screen Time StayFree - Screen Time 4.6 No Yes 5M+ installs
2 Stay Focused: Site & App Block Stay Focused: Site & App Block 4.5 Yes Yes 1M+ installs
3 My Data Manager: Data Usage My Data Manager: Data Usage 4.5 No No 10M+ installs
Logo StayFree - Screen Time

No Ads In-app Purchases 5M+ installs

The app allows you to customize your phone usage, and it has so many functions that you can really adjust every single detail to your personal needs. Great charts and visuals that show your phone use, even separating stuff into categories, like education, health, social networking, etc. Helpfully allows you to track usage of apps to see what's really sucking your time, and cut yourself off with the helpful blocking feature. One of the best features is sync, so when you buy a new phone, you can sync all the data in a few clicks. Be sure to explore the extra options, like alerts, when you're using your phone or a particular app too much.

Logo Stay Focused: Site & App Block

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 1M+ installs

Furthermore, it will be better if there is an edit option for the time intervals. Best of all, the app doesn't collect or share any data about you. Provides an option for blocking total screen usage and only allowing access to selected apps of one's choice. For example, you may pause a restriction if there is an urgent need to use an app. Just set a timer, whitelist a few apps like phone, camera, WhatsApp, etc. Have a friend set a password, or set it for an interval.

Logo My Data Manager: Data Usage

No Ads No purchases 10M+ installs

You can see the shortcut on your notification bar; you can see which apps used your data, even when it was used. Worth the download if all you need is to track how much data you use, as it has plenty of options to customize to your own needs. Usage per day, data forecasts, daily budgets, and all while actually counting properly and no bloated interface. You can set how the app sits in the action bar, and it has a decent widget.