Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best photo filter apps for Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 Photo Editor Pro - Polish Photo Editor Pro - Polish 4.9 Yes Yes 100M+ installs
2 Video Editor & Maker - InShot Video Editor & Maker - InShot 4.8 Yes Yes 500M+ installs
3 Photo Editor - Lumii Photo Editor - Lumii 4.8 Yes Yes 50M+ installs
4 PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor 4.7 No Yes 10M+ installs
5 DeepArtEffects AI Photo Editor DeepArtEffects AI Photo Editor 4.7 Yes Yes 1M+ installs
6 Mirror Lab Mirror Lab 4.7 No Yes 1M+ installs
7 Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art 4.6 Yes Yes 100M+ installs
8 Photo Studiо Photo Studiо 4.6 Yes Yes 50M+ installs
9 Photoshop Express Photo Editor Photoshop Express Photo Editor 4.4 No Yes 100M+ installs
Logo Photo Editor Pro - Polish

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 100M+ installs

The editing controls are sliders, which makes it super easy and quick to thin out a nose. There are a lot of options to add effects, edit, or just simply reduce the photo. Even though it does have the option to buy the Pro version, there are so many free editing options to choose from, more than any other app offers for free users. By using its filters and tools, you can adjust color to perfection, and so much more, all in the palm of your hand. Although, if you need to remove a background, control blur, stretch, or warp an image.

Logo Video Editor & Maker - InShot

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 500M+ installs

The content you create can be customized in many ways, with stickers, text, and filters. The option to change from video to photo, adding text, trimming videos is really easy. Plus, it has a lot of variations to choose from; effects, music, animation, and etc. Good for editing videos as a YouTube content creator and good for editing images.

Logo Photo Editor - Lumii

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 50M+ installs

There are so many great tools for adding whatever detail you want to your photos. This app gives you the option to watch ads for extra filters and effects. This is the best free app for editing photos; plus, most of the functionalities are free, and the pro version is very cheap. Most of these types of apps barely give you any decent filters that are actually free.

Logo PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

No Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

Then, place the objects onto any background, and there are no visible white edges that you need to clean up. Whether you want it transparent, novelty, or for marketing needs, there are plenty of options. Really awesome app for background editing and the picture quality is also good after editing. An easy way to layer photos and text on your phone to get really cool results. Easiest and best background eraser, plus tons of unique and exciting features for photo editing.

Logo DeepArtEffects AI Photo Editor

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 1M+ installs

This application offers quick processing, a number of different art filters, and it's also easy to save work quickly. And, you can order canvases and a wide selection of other prints of the artwork you make on the app. This is, without a doubt, one of the best apps available for creating photos that look like art pieces. The app makes it easy to quickly save edited images into a Deep Effects album in your gallery. A lot of good filters are available for free, with some reasonable ads while the filter loads. Some pretty useful effects, and you can dial the levels up and down.

Logo Mirror Lab

No Ads In-app Purchases 1M+ installs

The app still provides a lot in its free version, except for the PNG export and some more cool effects. There is room for a lot of detailed editing to your pictures, always leading to surprising, creative results. The UI is well-designed, and users can easily create impressive edits without any instructions. As an app for editing, it has very good appeal, mixed with other applications. To clarify, if anyone was wondering, you can import photos from anywhere or use your own. Sometimes features or effects are tricky to find, or come only with a pro version.

Logo Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 100M+ installs

Which, in combination, gives you great potential and concepts for detailing your photos and editing plenty of other designs, posts, memes, and more. From changing your hair colour to double exposures and tons of different photo effects that are totally free and absolutely stunning. Are there only a few people who are able to post, even though you're prompted to share? Right now, under the Crop mode, it only allows changing the orientation of the picture. Happy, joyful, eccentric, cartoon, holidays, drip, animation, multilayered backgrounds - the list goes on. Photo Lab is one of the best apps for editing and designing your photos; it's awesome!.

Logo Photo Studiо

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 50M+ installs

This app is really easy to use and has a lot of options to choose from when editing photos, from various filters to effects. From changing the entire photo to just tweaking it to enhance what you like.

Logo Photoshop Express Photo Editor

No Ads In-app Purchases 100M+ installs

Easy to use, works well, great for beginners or advanced users looking to accomplish a simple, quick repair, touch-up, adjustment, or improve overall clarity. The user interface is basic as well as simple to use, and the application has a variety of features to help you edit your photos to perfection. Very limited in what it can do; adding text, depending on the image you may not be able to get text to look good with the app, like you can in real Photoshop. A major plus point is the ability to export to Lightroom for the need to edit more in-depth and even shift the photo to Photoshop if this is required. You can save the photos in your phone with the original size and quality of your pictures and share them. You can download the image directly after the editing process, with just your photo and nobody else's mark.