Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best read books apps for Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 ReadEra – book reader pdf epub ReadEra – book reader pdf epub 4.8 No No 10M+ installs
2 Bookshelf-Your virtual library Bookshelf-Your virtual library 4.7 No Yes 100K+ installs
3 Google Play Books & Audiobooks Google Play Books & Audiobooks 4.7 No No 1B+ installs
4 eBoox: ePub PDF e-book Reader eBoox: ePub PDF e-book Reader 4.7 No Yes 5M+ installs
5 eReader Prestigio: Book Reader eReader Prestigio: Book Reader 4.5 Yes Yes 10M+ installs
6 Epic: Kids' Books & Reading Epic: Kids' Books & Reading 4.3 No Yes 5M+ installs
7 PocketBook reader - any books PocketBook reader - any books 4.1 Yes Yes 5M+ installs
Logo ReadEra – book reader pdf epub

No Ads No purchases 10M+ installs

The free version is more than sufficient, with bookmarks, various text settings, libraries, the ability to organize novels by various categories, and so on. Easy to use, it provides a comfortable reading interface on your mobile with lots of options for contrast, letter size, font, and more. You have control over font type and size, you can change the color theme of the page as well, and the text works in both portrait and landscape mode. You don't see any major lag in the app even if you are reading multiple books at a time, even on a phone with a low amount of RAM. I would also prefer it if the app didn't clutter the home directory with its folders, and instead stored its data in the Android directory.

Logo Bookshelf-Your virtual library

No Ads In-app Purchases 100K+ installs

The organization is insane, creating your own shelves for subject areas and genres, not to mention you can create tags to further group books together. You can scan books in with ISBNs and don't have to spend forever searching for them, and scan multiple batches. Great way to add the books you've read, and it has plenty of options for the specific book. Very simple UI, clean design, and the ISBN scan feature is a godsend for tracking and remembering what you've read. The barcode scanner works really well in finding books, and the bookshelf categorizing system is really intuitive.

Logo Google Play Books & Audiobooks

No Ads No purchases 1B+ installs

This app is made by Google, so the deals on books are always on; you can easily read anywhere, and payments are easy to make. The page turns are natural, the table of contents is usable, the text controls are excellent, and multi-platform support is good. Now that you can get both e-books and audio books, the app has really improved. Even using the more natural setting, it still sounds pretty robotic with too many mispronounced words. There are so many book titles; even the hard-to-find titles can be found here. Books are frequently on sale, the reading experience is highly customizable, and product integration is good.

Logo eBoox: ePub PDF e-book Reader

No Ads In-app Purchases 5M+ installs

Awesome experience, plenty of reader-friendly options, such as background colour, text colour, text size, book progress in percentage, page number, and brightness. No ads for a free app, ability to set font size, margin, and brightness easily, easy bookmarking features, and highlighting features. Friendly interface, excellent choice of fonts and background colors, list of saved quotes, quick loading, sorting books into collections, and etc. Making reading a joy, sorting and highlighting easily, and bookmarking and separating your favorite points make this app a must-have! The sync across devices affords you the opportunity to read any of your books on any of the devices. This font change, background color change, and the tap-to-turn pages are really interesting and helpful features.

Logo eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The app never gets in the way, yet it has plenty of little tricks to let you know your progress and to set bookmarks. The most important part is its visual library, which helps you to remember all the books you have read. The function to search and add books based on a variety of document file extensions is perfect. It has dark mode, font controls, and all the features are highly customizable to suit your needs.

Logo Epic: Kids' Books & Reading

No Ads In-app Purchases 5M+ installs

There is a lot of variety of books and it seems to be a fun way to read for kids. You can add multiple children for a great price, plus link your child's class if you would like to. Notifies parents of progress, tracks time spent reading each book, and offers definitions for each word you tap. A great app that helps kids read on different levels and offers quizzes to assist with reading comprehension.

Logo PocketBook reader - any books

Contains Ads In-app Purchases 5M+ installs

There is also an iOS version, and you can sync such things as furthest page read across devices. The interface, along with the highlight option and note-making option, make this app so much better. Easy to skip to pages, open where you left off, reading records and pace, night mode, scaling, and much more. Many useful features have been given, like cropping a page, different highlighting colors, different quoting icons which make your reading more pleasurable and more convenient and useful in case of studying. Do yourself a favor, buy yourself a 'pocketbook' and load this app; your life will be improved without the 'walled garden' financial slavery inherent in Kindle. Unlike some other apps, this one has continuous reading mode, text highlighting by long-tapping, and overall pleasant interface.