Last Updated: 2023-04-24

Best task management apps for Android

List of apps on the page. Sorted by rating on Google Play.
# Logo App Score Ads IAP Installs
1 Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks 4.6 No No 10M+ installs
2 Todoist: to-do list & planner Todoist: to-do list & planner 4.5 No Yes 10M+ installs
3 MeisterTask - Task Management MeisterTask - Task Management 4.5 No Yes 500K+ installs
4 2Do - To do List & Reminders 2Do - To do List & Reminders 4.2 No Yes 100K+ installs
Logo Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks

No Ads No purchases 10M+ installs

The widget is spectacular, and being able to quickly enter multiple tasks on the computer is wonderful. Doesn't burden you with pressuring you to sync with a calendar, use categories, or include thousands of features. Excellent to share with all shoppers in the family; everyone has access to add and subtract. This is good for appointments, making lists for other things, such as shopping lists, presents, or cards to get. You have the option to change the theme, and you get the perfectly satisfying 'ding' sound when you check off a task. Using your Microsoft account, it can sync the list through almost all of your devices.

Logo Todoist: to-do list & planner

No Ads In-app Purchases 10M+ installs

The 'Projects' feature really helps to organize large projects into more manageable, easy-to-schedule tasks, which helps you to complete the larger project easily. No bloat of too many features, just exactly what's needed for an efficient and useful set of reminders. Some awesome, big features like location reminders and integrations, and tons of clever little features too. Lots of options for sorting tasks into groups and having different colors to label priorities. Particularly useful for repeating tasks, or for projects that need breaking down into smaller tasks.

Logo MeisterTask - Task Management

No Ads In-app Purchases 500K+ installs

The multiple projects with the ability to add tasks and checklists is useful. It's easy to track targets and progress, and collaborate with the team. Great for keeping track of multiple personal and work-related projects and deadlines. Tasks can be managed through the Kanban board, tagged with custom labels, and filtered as needed to display those labels. App and web versions, notifications, Google Calendar integration; the free version has enough tools for most people. Task relation and blocking panel is too small and not visually distinctive.

Logo 2Do - To do List & Reminders

No Ads In-app Purchases 100K+ installs

The best app for organizing daily plans and grocery lists. One of the best to-do apps available, with tons of great features and filtering capabilities. Upgraded to the Pro version, and after reinstalling, I got all the alarms and reminders. Works across platforms, syncs data seamlessly, and is really easy to use. It needs a dark mode, or at least some color customization.